Sacred Mysteries started the 2012 movement with the films 2012: The Odyssey and Timewave 2013
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Sacred Mysteries | Geoff Stray
Geoff Stray
Geoff Stray

Geoff Stray's research into 2012 started about 25 years ago, and was first summarized in a now-rare A4 booklet called BEYOND 2012, A CONVERGENCE OF ESCHATOLOGICAL INFORMATION, and in September 2000 was compiled on a website, '2012 Dire Gnosis’, which was designed to gather more input from people all over the world. This has become the internet's leading database on 2012. Geoff is still the webmaster, regularly updating the site and sending out newsletters - now based around the 2012 News group at

He has written articles for SC magazine, SALVIA DIVINORUM MAGAZINE, KINDRED SPIRIT and AVALON RISING and has given presentations in USA, Belgium and Peru. In 2005, he published BEYOND 2012. CATASTROPHE OR ECSTASY: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO END-OF-TIME PREDICTIONS, bringing all the research together into what some are calling” the 2012 encyclopaedia". Geoff is a shoemaker in his spare time.

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