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Excerpted from the preface to Robert Cox's
"The Pillar of Celestial Fire"

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"There is thus a vast chain of beings in the miracle of God's creation of which we are but a single link. Those selves in the chain that lie above our position in the spiritual hierarchy may be understood as aspects of our "higher Self." While those that lie below us may be understood as aspects of our "lower self." As we proceed upwards on the chain we progress towards absolute Unity, and as we proceed downwards, we progress onwards infinite diversity. So our notion of an isolated self which is denoted by the word "I" is ultimately an illusion. In truth, we participate in the breath of the entire Universe with every though, word and deed.


This is especially true when it comes to receiving spiritual insight. Such insight comes to us through the grace of the creator. Before we receive it, it must cascade through the awareness of at least seven different beings, all of whom are agencies of the Creator and aspects of our own higher Self. Although the details of these mechanics are too technical to be elaborated here, they illustrate the fact that cognition and exposition of knowledge is a collective endeavor that involves the assistance and guidance of many unseen benefactors."

"[This book's] purpose is to uncover the spiritual, philosophical, historical, and scientific background of an extremely important body of knowledge. This knowledge pertains to a sacred alchemical science that once was shared by ancient Seers around our planet. I hold that the essence of this Sacred Science was lost several thousand years ago, and now is being rediscovered and reconstructed by researchers around the world.

There is no doubt that this Sacred Science is destined to play a critical role in the profound spiritual, scientific, and social transformation that is almost upon us. In my opinion, this transformation, which is sometimes is referred to as the "Second Coming," the "Judgment Day," the "Descent of Heaven on Earth," the "Rapture," etc., is not due to anything that we as human beings have done in the past, or that we will do in the future. It is an inevitable consequence of certain celestial mechanics that are beyond the reach of human influence. I believe that these mechanics are about to deliver an immense flood of celestial fire or cosmic life force to our planet. When this wave of cosmic life force washes over our planet, everything will be transformed and changed in ways that are almost unimaginable. Although we cannot alter the inevitability of this transformation, we can change the way in which this transformation will influence us. To survive the wave of celestial fire and flourish in the new Golden Age that will dawn in its wake, we must begin to prepare ourselves to receive it."

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